There is no one who can touch me
beyond my feelings, for that sleepless
red, gigantic moon.

Our love was not of art, metered
in verse, or painted in scenes that coloured
the watchful eye.

I will you, take flight –
not to return; taken by those suspect winds
that blow the chills through
uninviting doors.

No complaining – no intentions ever meant
no smiles, no voiceless regrets, now
long solitary reviving those times
on so many counted ifs!

You called me – your autumn
glazed in tones of fertile gold.
I replied, that autumn, always she comes to die
leaving those who once did touch her

brittle cold – buried deep as snow…



come the death of day
can you hear the stars, opening
their veiled eyes.

So far – so far
and yet, in
gowns of countless shimmer
scattered boundless strewing
freely, courting
the moons bedtime sky.
They stare to dazzle – capturing
those watchful eyes.

– Leaving all
to cherish this starry, starry night
in moods of luminous, silver light!

Poppy ~xx~


Moon Trees.

The scent of magnolias
with their clean fresh beauty.
Now almost fallen
trodden to earth – face down left dying.

A child’s unwavering conviction
suspended from the wishing tree.
See how it swings expectantly; longing
to be cut free.

How to remain human on such a day.
Cry down deep, such innocence
into the mistrust of human life.

If I were not me, I would push
back those years –
I’d press
my face, flat against the glass
no turn of head no show of pardon.

Let the moon go wash its lonely face:
an indistinct eclipse; left shadow less
in all its misunderstanding.


Poppy ~xx~
April 18th 2015


Dancing is just a conversation
between two people
so dance with me – and tell me how you feel.

I would like to take you for a pizza
hire a taxi to take us to the moon
share my tea and buttered toast
then never to rise – until the
Swallows head towards their winter home

Always, always to wear the sweetest blossom
pungent in my hair –
to be there by your side seasonless in my desire

All this and more – I swear to you I would
if only you would dance with me
and tell me that you love me…


Poppy 21st April 2014 ~xx~