Back Room Smiles.

Back Room Smiles

She is the vividness
around impure prisms
of engaging fire fly light.

Assumptions – predetermined
flicker past her tissues
lonely layers.
The ghost of something, one
day lost
treads in shadows by your side.
She, always politeness

concealed features
playing frivolous games.
Make believe – the touch
of something dark, rubs eyes
closed shut.

Origins of back room

absurd in their self-satisfied glow
of naked, adulteress smiling…


Truth and Lies..

Threaten lady as the dandelions
abandon their seeds.
Cry sterile each your sadness – never forgetting
your reasons, that they did finally leave you.

What does this world say to you
veiled within in, you black and white point of view?
If it bled, would you identify the hurt as red
with it’s blotched marked stains –
still hopeful of their great expectations.

You took council once
lock tight, that which you, would not wish known.
Keep not your eyes open, whilst dreaming
for feeble beware, the ignorance of others.
Cold scorn to those, who would gladly have you trodden.

Threaten lady once more – as the dandelions
do scatter.
Reality always; she does mingle
in the silence of the truth…

Poppy ~xx~

April 2nd 2015

Make His A Double.

He drinks heavily
gaining body over soul –
She has long witnessed his rejection
her tramlines narrowing daily.

Fear is such a time old parasite
studied keenly on how to lead the weak astray.
Always, he offers up his words of incantation
then flips the bottle closer
to aid his way back home.

Her crowded mind –
no longer lodges his indistinct words.
She turned down his tedious apologies
long before, their bed became cold.

The space he laid, his once sober head
now belongs to someone new.
Oh, there is no other lover
to decant his taste away.
She has, at long last just
finally found herself…



March 24th 2015 ~xx~