Graffiti On The Train

I think I’ve had enough

gonna get myself a drink
before chiselling out your name
upon the passing subway wall.

You can verbalise me down
send my dreams nowhere bound
along with your, rough edged
explanations –
kicking hard against my reasons.

Why don’t you try to make me stay
plant me flowers – wild sown.
Colour out those visions of scenes once viewed
from dirty, bedroom windows
whilst sleeping all alone.

Call me sometime, filling
in those lost, empty spaces.

Can’t promise to ever pick up
still too busy reading:

Our forgotten
graffiti on the train …


Poker Love

Sub me a two fingered drink
let’s play poker by the fix on my face.
Pull up a chair – I’ve no liking
to this vast interspace

Two neat paranoid drunks
with no compromise for hooch on the rocks,
let me dine out, on your sin
sugar coated in my rebirth of youth.

Always you can write my number
on the back of your face
twisted in the contours of a bluff…

Poppy ~xx~
May 23rd 2015

Make His A Double.

He drinks heavily
gaining body over soul –
She has long witnessed his rejection
her tramlines narrowing daily.

Fear is such a time old parasite
studied keenly on how to lead the weak astray.
Always, he offers up his words of incantation
then flips the bottle closer
to aid his way back home.

Her crowded mind –
no longer lodges his indistinct words.
She turned down his tedious apologies
long before, their bed became cold.

The space he laid, his once sober head
now belongs to someone new.
Oh, there is no other lover
to decant his taste away.
She has, at long last just
finally found herself…



March 24th 2015 ~xx~


The light is set to early summer,
performing her games of hide go seek.
I think of you often caught between the gloss
and brittle bones, of lovers past.

Tequila are the sunrises; rattling
chinks of treacherous ice.
Dead bodied whiskey slammers,
red cherried parasols for the ladies, ring pulls
for the uninspired man.

Hedonistic days drift upstream
sucking on their ambition
far into the night.
Contaminated air –
laden heavy to breathe.
As we like lizards on heat
slide elongated from our rock.

I have captured the silence
of your body’s landscape.
Spaces carved deep; forbidden,
untouchable, far out of reach.
I would be ruined to tell you I miss you:
Just believe you are a hard habit to break…

Poppy ~xx~

Featured in MadSwirl
12th December 2013  (thanks guys – you are stars)!