Shiny Yellow Stockings

Man of glass
you stood
you sat
you smiled
you cried

No longer, in residence anyone of your name
Spirals of memories –
children’s games
fishing boats trawl waters deep
dream catchers with their secrets to keep
flickering images of black and white
reliving fragments of others acceptance.

Mother dear you’ve stitched that piece before
I know, you knew, that one day
someone would come knocking on our door
think you can wear that blanket
of ignorance for always, strip off that outer
coat of varnish –
scrub away the tarnished debris
You should have been an actress
encore after encore
with everyone screaming more
more, more – but not me!

In shiny yellow stocking, I held
my step father’s hand
in my shiny yellow stocking I
simply – did – not – understand.



Spin the record
33 rpm –
Time to tell the children
the carousel has fled .

 Don’t let them cry
in curds of thick deposits
only the naive – still choose to  believe
in all those happy ever afters.

Those who say:
children should believe in fairy tales –
then they  –
never read the script…

Poppy February 17th 2014 ~xx~