“Western Haiku: A Collection” (our latest anthology) out now on Lulu.com for paperback.

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Release day! Follow the link below to purchase a copy of “Western Haiku: A Collection”, our latest anthology of new poetry by the best new poets around for £4.99 + P&P. Ebooks will be available soon on Amazon and other sites.

Use code FAST5 to get 5% off your order, and help support our chosen charity Scope (50% of proceeds from the sale of the anthology go to them).

Also, as part of our charitable ethos, all publications effectively help charity, as 10% of our overall profit at the end of the year will be donated to charity. Aren’t we nice?

Go grab a copy, and pick up a copy of our other publications whilst you’re at it 😉

Direct Link to Publication – HERE.

Also, follow the links in our publications page to purchase from our full catalogue.

Have a great day, WordPress. We’re off to plug the hell…

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Convent Lips…

You paint your lips volcanic vermilion 
seducing generously, whoever catches the eye. 
You dole out cards to everyone you meet: 
hollow promises, of three for the price of two
Hail Mary’s, for all you’re so called new found friends.
Always your derrière, on someone else’s lap 
before burying your infamy in my shag 
pile woollen mat.
We dance all night exchanging tongues, 
beating time, to the lava lamps rhythmic pulse –
scorching our flesh on flesh, as we
violate the light.
My Angel – in a halo painted black, such
a fallen pale faced believer, absent from
her school of faith.
I could be tempted to say I love you, with a gun
held to my head.
Then what point, I stop to ask myself,
you are nothing 
but a fast moving trajectory – forever on that

path: to a sinner’s way of life…!

Featured in the May Edition of barebacklit

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Hey all, now it’s the first of February, it’s time to announce when our first collection by Paul D Hegginson shall be released.

The date we shall be releasing the collection will be the 20th of February. So, that’s in just under three weeks time. The collection itself is 50 poems, encompassing many questions and thoughts of the writer, spanning the last 10 years. To call Paul prolific would be an understatement (he has many, many more poems in his notebook, more of which we hope to release in future collections).

The book shall be available on Lulu.com for paperback copies, with cover design by Lucy Hartshorn, and also available on Amazon for Kindle (we are going to be looking at the possibility of other avenues as well). So, stay tuned for more news on this over the next three weeks.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a good evening…

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Still one of the best writers ever.

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Welcome to our Weekend Poetry Readings, where we find a classic poem read by the poet. In doing so, by presenting the poem in the words of the poet, we hope that something new is conveyed to you, the listener.

This week, we decided to share some Sylvia Plath with you. Plath’s importance in the field of literature is undisputed, and in her short life she burned brighter than most. Credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry, she is perhaps best known for her autobiographical novel The Bell Jar, written shortly before her untimely death in 1963, and two collections of poetry, Ariel and The Collosus andOther Poems. Posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1982 for The Collected Poems. Even though she is gone, her words, and here, her voice, live on.

So take a minute, sit down, and enjoy this piece. One of the…

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Hi all, quick little reminder here about what we have coming up that you may be interested in submitting to, and a little something about a couple of collections we have in edit.

First up, our Burns Night competition is closing on the 20th (that’s exactly a weeks time, folks). We want your best poem inspired by Robert Burns. Seeing as it’s Burns night soon, we thought this would be a great idea, and a homage to one of the greats. Send your best work to us, and the winner will be published on Burns Night on this site (25th Jan).

Also, we’re still looking for submissions of Western and Traditional Haiku for our next anthology “Western Haiku: A collection”. Deadline is the 10th of February, we intend to publish this around the middle of March.

Submissions to: dagdapublishing@hotmail.co.uk

We also have a couple of collections we are in the…

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