We Are Sorry

How the Seasons, always
they do separate
when comes the time is final.

To leave us only, with their absent faces
falling swirling
caught between the brittle branch
of man, and wind.

Red random now, are those petals poor,
thoughts of tears
that bury deep, beneath our hurried feet.
In blacks and whites of reason
whose distance far divides
in what tomorrow strives to bring.

And, when the mornings, sunlight smile,
diluted in it’s length of stay –
shall dim to fade.

We, will offer no more
understandings of this fight.

But in words of empty, shallow ending days
I hope you understand:

We are sorry for your loss.


One thought on “We Are Sorry

  1. Hello Poppy, I’m particularly fond of poetry inspired by war and since WWI inspired a generation of poets it’s fertile ground for poetry. One of the things I like about this is how it takes a more personal view of tragedy; in such a huge conflict with so many lives lost it’s easy to go down a more general road of the scale of losses, but by focusing on one experience I think it makes for a more inviting poem.

    I thought the subtle allusion to poppies in stanza 3 was a nice touch, even without taking your blog-name into consideration, and overall I think you handled the subject matter with sensitivity.

    I’m always reluctant to offer critique through this medium as not every author expects or wants to receive it, but I think some small changes to punctuation and line breaks could help to give your phrasing a little more of a pop 🙂

    I like that you ended this in fairly understated fashion, those six words in the final line always feel like a hollow offering to those bereaved by tragedy.

    There’s a lot to like in this one overall.


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