Gentle In Black

Last night in the long drawn out darkness
I finally realised –
what it means to be alone.
No one –
will ever understand me
as you once did.

Oh they try
how they try
with their well meaning
words of truism –
and yes, tomorrow
will always be another day.

But today, gentle in my black
I can only walk away when they say

they love me:
For what is love
without your understanding?



come the death of day
can you hear the stars, opening
their veiled eyes.

So far – so far
and yet, in
gowns of countless shimmer
scattered boundless strewing
freely, courting
the moons bedtime sky.
They stare to dazzle – capturing
those watchful eyes.

– Leaving all
to cherish this starry, starry night
in moods of luminous, silver light!

Poppy ~xx~