31 Contemporary Poets You Need To Read by Sarah Galo of Buzzfeed #NaPoMo

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Source: 31 Contemporary Poets You Need To Read by Sarah Galo of Buzzfeed #NaPoMo


Back Room Smiles.

Back Room Smiles

She is the vividness
around impure prisms
of engaging fire fly light.

Assumptions – predetermined
flicker past her tissues
lonely layers.
The ghost of something, one
day lost
treads in shadows by your side.
She, always politeness

concealed features
playing frivolous games.
Make believe – the touch
of something dark, rubs eyes
closed shut.

Origins of back room

absurd in their self-satisfied glow
of naked, adulteress smiling…

Half Stewed Roses

She stirs her coffee
anti clockwise:

Driven by the need
never to meddle with time.

This woman –
dishing out a pan
of half stewed roses
hitching up her future thoughts
catching the sun, through
a slanted, slated roof.

She convinces herself
that this is such a beautiful day
then kisses him pleasingly,
as if he had died last night.

Hidden behind her mirror
faithful to those images
never yet seen, through the light,
of honest eyes

She holds out her hands
the balance –
on this, her submersed

womanly, imagination…

Poppy 2016 ~xx~