I can never grow old
wrapped in my winters deep, deep cold.

The rains, you may consider them beautiful
yet know they are flawed,
shivering exposed
in their deadened gown.

Therefore I ask you, one and all
for your reasoned hush
allowing me my quarters sleep.

Never was it my intention
to die drowning –
deeper, darker substance:
shall always rise in me.

For am I not –
your ceaseless rebirth
of all seasons…


I could sit with you
for hours
nothing said –
just allowing the silence
to share our company.

I study your shades
hidden intense.
Waved like a worn torn
dirty flag.
No longer
the innocence of all my resting places

You stopped expressing
living in that urban apocalypse you
referred to as safe.
Kicking hard against
the compromised unravelling
of your once accomplished character.

I stand, searching one last time
for that us in the mirror.
Knowing, that the only face I see
will be mine –

I am leaving here
with only one wish – that you may
at long last; finally

Rest In Peace!