Isolated Mind…

Do you think that some day you could forgive me,
for one last time?
Shall we meet on neutral ground with all our past,
laid far aside?
Like ashes to a graves hallow ground
believe me if you will, when I say
that I’m not asking for your disclosure of forgiveness
no suggestion of my past lovers, once loving glance.
I come searching only of one last chance
the want to renounce all my past mistakes.
For open wounds, now long since septic, feast
generously, deep amid the walkways of my isolated mind

If little else, time has gifted me an ability
to observe an expression of myself
that leaves me straight-faced cold.
For never once, (as I told you time and time again)
did I buy into your promises of trust,
such promises I told myself, were never yours to keep.

Therefore, shall I drown this silence
that echoes back your name?
– or shall I leave my words unanswered
gathered lonely on the page.

Poppy ~xx~
March 7th 2015

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