Move Over Shakespeare.

I am fine
even though I may be astutely dying on the vine.
I shall meander here
squeezing the last bitter remains of my Pinot Noir.Feeling sleepless –
with my head, beating unhinged fire
this inebriated insanity:
drowning in the words of Oscar Wilde –
who I read today, had wretchedly passed away.

Move over Shakespeare old dear
make room in the crypt
for the time has come
to stop decaying amid your cerebral acclaim.

Oh I can still hear your words
but you’ve got nothing left to say.

Poppy December 4th 2014~xx~

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: I Am Waiting Poetry Series

Silver Birch Press

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti‘s 96th birthday rolls around on March 24, 2015. Let’s get a head start on celebrating this iconic author’s nativity by paying homage to his classic poem “I Am Waiting,” which first appeared in A Coney Island of the Mind — Ferlinghetti’s 1958 collection that, with over a million copies in print, is one of the most popular books of poetry ever published.

PROMPT: The trigger for poems in this series is “waiting.” What are you waiting for? Christmas? A new job? New home? New baby? Happiness? A trip? Godot? Whatever you’re waiting for, memorialize it in your “I Am Waiting” poem. If we get enough submissions, we’ll create a book of the poems as a big, beautiful birthday card for Mr. Ferlinghetti.

WHAT: Submissions can be original poems or erasure/found poems based on “I Am Waiting” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Find the poem here

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