Serengeti Skies.

You painted me backdrops of our life
drifting below the freedom of the Serengeti skies

You rolled me lush lazy landscapes
as far as the mind could ramble

You rewarded me, with the stillness of your silence
for there were no words –
that could ever come between us.

I played for you Vivaldi in all his seasons
you taught me how to be the meaning
of your unremitting spring.

I know your mouth
Like the way you know my name

I saw the mountains majestic in their rising
as we high, stepped the doubters, those
who would bring our love to ground.

We shall, go together; openly into this night
placing a flower each, disciplined upright;
under those large Serengeti skies.

Poppy September 16th 2014 ~xx~

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