Melting Snowman

I can touch your body
witness your pain
yet your mind, still remains opaque.

Your eyes are empty, dressed in restless
clouds of grey
as once again, another days longed for plans
go tumbling, when you rise to wake.

I am sinking deeper
into your abyss of sadness
like a snowman fast melting itself to death.

You spend your time
in and out of reason , often stopping
for looks – to consider who I am.
Oh I know this is a match I shall lose
conceding check mate; having to give into you –
as I ask:
Did someone, forgot to write
our rules of fair engagement.

we sit and we play, your dark
becoming deeper – aware of nothing
outside the reality, that time
is not of ours to keep.

Poppy 2014 ~xx~

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