At Least.

You came home –
just as I knew you would
so shall we light the hill side beacons

burning to rid your mangled dreams traded with some stranger
who troubled you with the political line of their treachery.
I could have managed well, without
the sound of the postman’s gravitas sharp steel toed
foot fall displacing the gravel as he called.

I waited for you to ask
before ripping apart the walls of ingratitude’s seditious slander
slopping out the barrack rooms arrogance of pride
and yet you never did!

How repulsively uneven the mud flats of our existence dwell
within us
they have no feeling no depth of remembrance
ever creeping
spreading a malignancy goring away

on the good man’s infatuation of incorruptibility.

Yes you fought – yet ask me not for reasons clothed in your bravery
for all I can counter shall be

at least you came home.


Poppy June 29th 2014 ~xx~

Call for Submissions: Half New Year Poetry

Silver Birch Press

During July, many countries — including the U.S., Canada, and France — celebrate national holidays. At Silver Birch Press, we are initiating our own annual holiday — July 2nd, Half New Year’s Day. July 2 is the midpoint of a common year because there are 182 days before and 182 days after it. The exact time of the middle of the year is at noon on July 2nd.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: To celebrate Half New Year — and the 182 remaining days in the year — Silver Birch Press is issuing a call for submissions. We are looking for original poetry based on the theme that Half New Year evokes (half, middle, and/or new) or erasure poems based on page 72 (for July 2nd, 7/2) of a book of your choice. The erasure poem should reflect the theme (half, middle, and/or new) in some way. We will feature the poems…

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Magazine Looking for Illustrators.


We’re always on the lookout for talented illustrators – both emerging and established – who can produce beautiful editorial and narrative illustration work in response to the poetry and short fiction that we publish.

So if you’re an illustrator and think that your work might sit nicely within the pages of Popshot Magazine, contact us at with a few friendly words and a link to your website or online portfolio. Despite receiving a number of portfolios every day, we endeavour to respond to every illustrator that takes the time to send in their work to us.

Visit their site at popshot

Kite Tails and Streamers.

with the meadow so full of poppies
red lake rippling in the noon day sun.

You “so childlike” caught on some artist’s canvas
yellow dress – flying your laughter
kite tails and streamers
a splash of liberated persona.

I surface our horizons for air
you of such delicate scent,
only stand to stare
how I adore your distant margins –
as always offered to perfection.

Forgive me my measured reaction
haste always makes mistakes.
Come “close” your face
in a thousand gentle images
though I’d settle for just one.

Poppy June 2014 ~xx~