Of Daisies and Politicians.

Destroy not the common daisy
on this pleasant afternoon
for when the lawn is barren
banality and greed shall parade itself to centre stage.

With their meddling white hatter, chatter
crusts all squared, cucumber sliced to thin as ice.
Nothing stops to break the explosive tones of the utter slush
spewed from their lawn mower mouths
as they strive to assassinate the weeds, from
their kingdoms privileged ranks.

Disregarded for our heritages guttural tones
yet not so shabby, when it comes to stealing our money.
They march us out to battle, to appease their daily wrongs
force feeding us, their two faced lies of hypocrisy
with their “Dear Householder” literature
shoved unwanted through our doors.

Benevolence for the daisy I say;
you Lords and Ladies all –
Think, that for everyone which lowers its head in pain of loss
countless more anticipate their births uprising
sitting patiently – just waiting for the call…


Poppy April 10th 2014 ~xx~


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