Spin the record
33 rpm –
Time to tell the children
the carousel has fled .

 Don’t let them cry
in curds of thick deposits
only the naive – still choose to  believe
in all those happy ever afters.

Those who say:
children should believe in fairy tales –
then they  –
never read the script…

Poppy February 17th 2014 ~xx~

No Kissing…

She shed her glory
like a tree in autumn fall.
Painted ruby mouth – blushing
over painted sallow skin.
Was it for love – no – never.
A misconstrued secluded sin –
maybe,  but not  anymore.
She provided  they took,
let your own puritan thoughts
put to bed this ageless act.
It was hers to peddle;
though never knowingly under sold.
Always fixed by the price of the street
with her back firm against the wall.
The familiarity of urgency
sold– but always with no kissing.

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Poppy ~xx~

Let Her Eat Cake…

She stops, sharp stiletto stance,
tracing her staccato steps before
twisting her hips, resoundingly inwards.

The ages of a woman –
yet what of them she asks?
Outside that time shall mark her
down –
Pastel outlines – with eyes that no longer denote
her primary shades of youthful play.

Belief restricted; bordering mundane
all outside edges, stained –
biting into yet another
mouthful; of her depressing,
comfort eating cake.


Poppy February 2104 ~xx~