A couple of evenings ago I did something rather impulsive (for me).
I had come across someone on facebook whose photos and poetry blew me away.
I emailed Anwar and asked him if I could write a poem to one of his images.

He kindly said ‘yes’ the result called ‘life’ is below.
I would urge everyone to take a peek at his work you will not be disappointed.
I only hope my words live up to the image ~xx~

Click below for Anwars facebook page.

Anwar Wafi

Stately is my love of face
as I adore her primal colours vivid.
Exhibit for my eyes only – with your flowers
of dazzling red.

I stoop to caress your presence
in the flat dry heat of this long afternoon –
Ever thankful at what natures gift, did give to me.

I watch you bend
in the warmth of the climbing sun.
Your delicate petals held high above
your leaves of tender grace.
And I swear my love –
I did hear  – you breathe…

Poppy January 16th 2014~xx~

One thought on “Life…

  1. Wow Scarlet! This is so beautiful! Your words made me see you in the desert, stooping to caress those beautiful petals of tulips. How beautifully you pictured with your words the movement of its petals and leaves under the climbing sun. You are so fluent at poetry! It excited me.
    These flowers in the picture, grow in a desert called Shadian, in Northern Afghan. They are my most favorite. Have visited them a lot, as you put it, in the afternoon, when they grow. For a short period though.Thank you so much for being so generous and sincere.


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