Daddies and Sweets…

It’s drizzling today – but at least it’s warm.
I sit, legs dangling on the sandstone garden wall.
I am trying hard,  to make my final sweet
last, until tea time
yet I somehow doubt it will.

There’s a man in with Mama who I don’t recall
ever seeing before.
They are sitting side by side eating strawberries
I really hope they save some for me.
Their voices are low – but every now and again,
I can here Mama laugh.
She doesn’t laugh that often – I guess
that’s how I notice it so, when she does.

I swallow my sweet, feeling annoyed with myself
for being so  greedy.
I wish they would hurry up and finish whatever
it is, they’ve got to say.
Eventually I hear the sound of the front door being shaken open.
Sometimes in the really wet weather
the door sticks – Mama hit it with a pick axe once.
Made no difference other than it broke the door handle.
For months afterwards we used a spoon to turn the lock until
an old friend finally came to fix it – ‘free of charge‘ Mama said.

Finally side by side out that came  – he looked kinda nervous to me.
Mama acted  all surprised on seeing me sitting there.
Can’t think why – she had told me to sit here.
She started making funny head gestures towards the house.
I jumped down from the wall – but not before
the man  had strolled  towards me.
I could smell those strawberries on his beer laden breath.

He took some sweets from his pocket, holding them out to me.
Mama nodded for me to accept – so I took them from him.
My fingers were soon expertly rummaging
in amongst the bright coloured wrappers looking  for my favourite.
Some of Mamas words  got a little lost as I unwrapped the sweets.
However, I think I heard her say
‘Mary, say hello to your new Daddy’.
Cool I smiled – at least this one brings me sweets…

Poppy December 2013 ~xx~


One thought on “Daddies and Sweets…

  1. This one is sad. You write brilliantly. Beauty, for me, lies not necessarily in the aesthetic aspect of something, but rather in the amount of truth of such object. Truth, as dark as it may be, is beauty. Or something like that!


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