Scheduled Migration…

Your hands lie open in the long, fresh grass.
Your stillness, diminishes the ending of this day.
You contrive to make like you’re alive
but in the setting of the sun
idle fingers, splayed in stone, render their
immortal acceptance.

I expect that the experts will tell it how it was
filed away somewhere, under – unnatural causes.
How it was – was you:
Always generous, beyond all.
Even now
how typically you
to plan your own scheduled migration…


Poppy November 15th 2013

One thought on “Scheduled Migration…

  1. What a way to put it: scheduled migration! I have a lot to say about this subject. One day maybe we can talk about it. I don’t know if you have read my poem, “The Midnight Thief”. This subject has stopped being morbid and dark for me(needs a lot of explaining). It is now a “bridge” I am familiar with(also needs clarification).

    Amazing first stanza, then the second wraps up the subject.


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