Not the delicate hint of rose’s
petals curled, faded edges of brown.
Chairs scrape along the cold hard floor
people leaving before their final
curtain call.
Everyone is hustling, and bustling
towards the exit door.

Outside the gods decant the rain so
lavishly, yet my mind is set to barricade.
The dream I never dream
enters centre stage – oh, you would be
amazed at the things that don’t exist
inside my head.
Dispossession has rented a room
fused the lights and resides in gloom.
I feel like a foreigner inside my own space
can’t understand the language, so I
sign instead.

Once someone told me they carried
a dead relationship around with them,
I laughed how bizarre, yet here am I
waving to aliens in the sky.
Sometimes they take away the flowers
morning noon or night it matters not
the hours.
For they never take the blooms that died
secure inside my hand –
The bell rings – end of term – let them
all go home
as once again my mind is set to barricade.
I keep no happy memories locked
inside – so there is
nothing left; to fade and die…
Written about and for a close friend who suffers from depression.

Poppy 2013 ~xx~

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