I slip absent
for time does eat into the past –
as further and further, I wander from all memories mind.

The sun, has yet to burn away the undulating mists.
They, they are sleeping still, about their bed
my white fists old

want to stir their innocent heads.
Yet I let them linger a little longer
or is it they, who now refuse to hear my calls.

They are to blame for what I have become
and they know it.
Once I was the one, ever near her side
crooked in arms that held me tight.

These are the thoughts that
kill, kill kill…
Darken to tarnish my green hills of home.

Yet, I am not home
nor will I ever be again.
I am here; fallen – somewhere unknown
leaving me reflective in the pit of my darkness
as gusts of unnatural slaughter, feed my long devoured
brainless life.

Is it wrong to want to leave her broken?
Pin my pain to her living life
Let her eat her scrambled eggs
give smiles to the man now sitting by her side.
What should she suffer of my terrible cries
for war is all consuming
but losing her is a pain
that reaches out beyond the realms of my
senseless, untimely lonely death.

Poppy October 18th 2013 ~xx~

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