Practical Flowers

This winter I have something to do
Making tea for two – along with tending the flowers.

Who cares if it takes all day?
I have witnessed the malignant hands of idleness
extravagant in their torture –
between the mouthing of cold lonely air.

I like to sit perfectly still
hands wrapped around the steaming
vessel of warmth – swallowing slowly,
contentment of the moment seeping its way down.

Your tea goes cold just like it always does.
Taking the cups over to the sink, I do what
I normally do
tipping yours in a pan, to heat up for later.

Time to tend the flowers
those wretched moths got at the roses earlier this year.
So glad I chose artificial flowers – far more practical
in the long run.
Oh I know you would have much preferred fresh
but they die so quickly…!
So please forgive me when I say:
One death at a time, my love –
Is more than enough for anyone


Poppy September 2013 ~xx~


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