The Redundant R…

She stands listening –
Ironing faded cotton sheets;
whiff of scented spray starch.
Years of the mundane
each day the same as the last one.
Loving him; not at all anymore!

White noise from the telephone
left unanswered:
Let them think her not at home today.

Feet sway about the fake wool rug
whilst slurping her tea
from her best Paddington mug.
White with three sugars
purely for boosting her strength.

She decided to make today her Birthday
unofficial of course; bit like the Queen.
Everyone should have two days of rejoicing
their birth.
Why not – life’s a celebration.

She hears the letter drop to the floor –
suddenly a sharp intake of breath
as there it was; staring up at her.
Grabbing a slice
of Bakewell pie for added support
she scooped it up.

It had arrived
welcome ‘back’, it whispered to her
from deep within, the restraints of its envelope.
We are granting you absolute freedom –
As from today, we unceremoniously decree your liberty!

That long ago redundant R; had  been
granted Crown legal status –  to finally bury
its lonesome little head. .

Amen – to that – she said!

Poppy September 2013 ~xx~


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