She stayed –
duty only, imprisoned by her possessions.
Like summer, dragging her heels late
fragrant days declining.
In her own mind, she had been leaving too.

Sometimes she danced, casting those moody
clouds from her eyes.
Yet those doubts remained tidal about her feet.
Unleash those moorings they whispered
sail away – come with us; drift free
come closer – closer they ask:

For we cannot love you until you love yourself.
Don’t let the fading warmth of summer
decree your days.
Look the door stands open –
only those robes you choose to adorn
shackle this lady down.
Yesterday has become out lying
gone:gone: gone.

It shall pass with easiness of time
as the heart changes so the ghosts
of past are laid – no longer do they stay.

Poppy June 2013~xx~

Scarlett Poppy

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