Life breathes in
flickering like a candle to diminish then die.
Time feasts on us all as exit my youth
she is now but a shadowed storm.
Sanctity echoes in all that I was
desolation of affliction – absence
spares, no words of kind.
Whilst, you were sleeping I left
words of love upon your lips-
free them back to me
rolled out on hallowed calm.
Save me from the tastes of hell
beneath deaths heel of servitude.
For your love, has exposed my mind and
body naked –
All that I was, lies broken; relics scattered
pigments of this land.
I am shivering cold untouched
by the contours
of the sun
obliterate the pain bound to my coat
of you.
My love I am but sleeping undisturbed
As on English soil the bluebells flower
let not them cease their life for living

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2 thoughts on “Whilst…

    • Where would I be without you to keep me going and offer me words of encouragement.
      Sunkle I can only say ‘thank you’ which seems meagre in comparison.

      Pops ~xx~


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