AA Annie….

She is the winged woman
sitting at her piano playing not a tune.
She never could –
even if appearing lost in the rhapsody
though only in her head.

Yesterday she popped a pill
making all the clouds stand still.
Someone came to knock on her door
only to go away again.
Not, exactly what you would call a very
exciting day – but then she likes
it that way.

Why do people complain when
their life is hum drum – yet refuse
to do anything about it.
Not a problem she recalls encountering.
Surfeit of drugs – then get pulled over
by the police.
Who in return sentence her to rehab
won’t cure the habit but
it will put and end to all the moaning.

Today is her first date with sobriety
everyone remembers their first date.
Followed by, every single meeting there after.
Hallelujah temperance Annie –
she sings it undiluted from the rafters.
Mind you, check your AA badge as un-permitted
breakdowns are illegal – even when you are
stone cold sober.

In her head, she is not mad far from it.
Everyone one else could well be, even
Shakespeare, who she is sure is now dead.
Anyhow, it’s all simply a matter of degrees.
To you she might well be holding up four fingers
when in reality she is only raising two…

Poppy May 2013 ~xx~


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