War Horses And A Kiss…

White horses charge the swirling malevolent clouds.
Men attired in dark breasted uniforms
making not a sound.
Suddenly stand down – stand down‘, rings out
along the lines.
Routine prevails –
empty bullet cases, expressionless faces.
Each standing to watch, as  once comrades
in arms – die their lonely death – un-saluted:
in front of our battle tired eyes.
Their untainted blood, steadfastly soaks
this desolate land.

Why does the night refuses to cast itself in dark.
Abandoned images caress my cheek, slight reflections
of some nocturnal flower – harmonies of
you, that remind me of my home.
What if I should lose this vision – all?
There is no desire that I would want to
listen to thunders vibration echo to my fall.
I went down with reverie – !
Believe not a word they say: even though
some comfort, from it, you may wish to take.

Autumn that stirring gal; has at long last
arrived liberating us with her windswept veil –
Her return offering long required absolve to those
destined to vacate this sewers stench.
.Perhaps we shall all meet again: on some sweeter land
if fortune counts us fit.
Ring out those bells; we echo loud, hear each and
every soldier’s battle torn wish.
If necessity obtains that here is where I shall remain.
For you my love I send – this token of your lovers
absent, lonely – lonely kiss…

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