I have slept with you over and over again deep within
the contours of my mind.
You chased away all shadows –
they who swathed my dreams of old.
Our tangled bodies lie rooted to earth’s floor.
I like to look at you:
as mouth on mouth, you bring pleasure where
once there was sleep: transparent membranes delve deep
into this, the pouring of your love.
For I am with you – though absent from my sight.
You move through me – in reoccurring
shafts of piquant flesh you play me, as a violinist plays
their chords of pleasured sound.
I am your flowing water, finding her way home.
Fingers like fledglings, linger close, I listen
as your tongue tells me stories, before the
mornings sun, peek a boos absent, all traces of the night.
For what is day if not to revel all –
the night did offer up before me.

I was undone, my flesh turned into dust
forgotten intimate tributaries, drifting far from course.
We found each other hungry – half open seeds
were only salt is pure and bites away the wounds
When you pulled me to you, I did rise my flesh.
All night I have slept with you
between the living and the dead…

Stay With Me...

Stay With Me…


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