You didn’t gather me to you
in the half light –
of my early morning pain.
Memories surge like yeast swelling
on my new day thoughts.
Suffocating air – open windows
two people: with eyes afraid to face
each other.
Long distant night, as your breath rests
bitter on my lonely lips.
My fingers crawl like
spiders across the bed.
The levitating sun warm already up and on
the run.
I am thinking: what will be the words
that form on your tongue.
I must ambush  the scream for I know
you’ll cut and run
Should I stay here till sunset
make it like we never met,
or simply wear my best –
Sunday frock: smile sweetly and mock the memory.
Oh, stuff – these foolish thoughts
into perfect scrambled eggs.
Who are you anyhow – you never
even told me your name.


Poppy 2013 ~xx~


3 thoughts on “Nameless…

  1. Memories surge like beer spilt on a smooth table with no ruts or scratches to stem the flow
    Or at least
    Mine do
    Tho I cant remember much after beer



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