Bubble Wrapped Smiles…

It was the first gift you gave me
turbulent years turned it into my last.
To the outside we lived in bubble wrapped smiles
on the inside, we crumbled.
Our own Roman Empire –
on a long:  ugly bad date.
Sure, we ticked all the boxes as married
couples imagine they do.
Only we had long put away the entertaining.
Sporting instead – rancid grid locked faces
skid marked and overrun.
Explanations: we stopped looking
acrimony becoming
our 21st century grande passional.
Then came the day; to throw
away those redundant “I do’s”
A silly young girl’s mumblings that had left me
fumbling with my life’s lack of attraction –
I was sick to death
with the proverbial resonance of (go to hell)
to which I stealthy replied –
“I’m already there”!
Therefore, in my mind, I moved you out –
turning the lock firmly, placing it far out of reach
then flogging the ring you had gifted me; all for a pittance
of closing retribution.

Violation, violation of all the things I had once
thought I loved.

Still –You can’t get to me any more, I have become invisible.
Turning off all the lights –
– and laughing she says –
there is NO moon tonight….!

Featured on DAGDA 19th February 2013
(We loved this piece. Poppy takes us through a time in life which is both difficult and liberating. Through a masterful mix of memory, imagery and poetic licence, Poppy draws us into this world of regret, anger, apathy and of a woman coming to life and throwing off the shackles of unhappiness. It is a confessional piece reminiscent of Sylvia Plath at her darkest and most, ultimately, free).

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