No Endings…

Turn to your side and face the day
with me.
Let it remain – that it may never be
our last.
For I offer you the man – never just a part of him.
If this unbearable tenderness of love,
should one day come undone.
Look not to how or where I fell –
for I would ask of them not to tell.
Keep this as our parting gift
Let me think of you not in some
cold empty room
where light, nor laughter, lifts the gloom.
If my days should be fashioned in rain,
let not my nights cry unanswered for your pain.

Yesterday my observations
caught me snowdrops
pristine new life of fresh.
– Who I asked
could want to spoil such innocence of life
so I made myself a pact with God.
I shall bare my arms with all restraint.
Chalk no notches for each and every life
that I am forced to take.
If he in turn,  shall keep your presence near.
Spare me one less victim of this bloodied war.
Release my heart from that of which
I justifiably  fear the most…

Poppy January 2013


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