Punctuating Endings…

You stirring in the notable curve of my back.
I sense every blood-coloured syllable
long before their oral exposure.
Your words multiply – stiletto
piercing barbs flay the tongue.
Where is my salvation.
My holidays end, encapsulated in so much sadness.
I want to strip myself transparent, to sleep
tranquil in this your bed – my adolescence
undone by ambition.
Yet I know the slow hot spicy breath of the
wolf awaits me.
It will pull me in – punctuating the earth
with my splintered bones.
But you are still the softest affection
on this ending afternoon.
The beautiful; forever exceed.
Always to stay for their final dance.
Whilst we, admirers one and all
collect our party bags
to head for home – alone.
Your body in all that was puritan to me.
Is now – but an effigy.
One of which I can only stand to stare
So I efface you and hope…
Poppy Dec 2012

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