Peach Blossom

Should I fall to sleep
never once to see your face again.
I would haunt myself.
For knowing, that these words
were never said

If all of my kisses
did seem but frivolous
and I laughed at love
in the face of the sun
Please know this, my love.
I now cry in the darkness
of my solitude

For desolation is no
company for treasures lost
and out of keep.
A darkened cloud
whips an injurious tempest,
its depths has the powers
to take my
mind to places I’d
rather leave abandoned

The fragrance of you
still intoxicates my senses.
A ripened summer
peach sent to tempt
and please.
Such soft evocative flesh
tasted sweet upon my lips.
The nectar of the gods
did bequeath to you, such
beauty in profusion.

Always in my thoughts – unspoken
I pledged my heart to you.
You could not have known
I would have held back the tide
and drowned for you
allowed my love to be washed
upon the beach.

I will search for you nail
my dreams to shooting stars.
When I smell the peach blossom
I shall know that you are near.
Some day, who knows when?
I shall find you.
And will say out loud I love you

© Poppy Scarlett 2011-2012

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