Postcards From Solihull…

I was made on the back
seat of a ford fiesta
Sporty – not really, a clapped out
1100 cc – no road tax – no MOT
just them – on the back seat
in neutral busy making me
Social conscience spare me
I live alone – crowds are always
one too many –
When I throw myself a party
its bitter on the rocks – cause I’m a
skinny dippin tart – before
tossing the empties, to
wind surf the tide with please
return to sender,
HRH Buck Palace
land of hope and glory.
My Mother always said
London would be the death of me
(never did work that one out)
as I only ever made Solihull, which
as the crow flies, from Brum,
doesn’t raise
the sat nav out of bed
Still the view was nice and
postcards sent
but I couldn’t find the pier
Featured in the September edition of
Poppy August 2012

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