Shoot The Line…

Hunker down Neanderthal – rattled
confines marauding tiger
temper flared
Scorched brown, paper bags
filled with rage
chase it all – defeated pain
Arcane providence
Lenin’s on the prowl
Trailing vines – pitchers of wine
ballistic missile
target located – shoot the line
Think you still walk a perpendicular path
self-satisfied lizard – you skulk
organs speeding –
abattoir bound
Shapes of children moving
souvenir bottle of lemonade
death welcomes you – so why be afraid
write it on your skin
bleed it on the ground

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One thought on “Shoot The Line…

  1. I have to stop again and leave my unsophisticated comments. How can one get pleasure simply from words rolling of one’s tongue? There is great pleasure in reading what you write. What a mind! The more I read, the more my poetic $%&*& is shrinking. All my self-confidence as a so-called “poet” is vanishing.


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