One Way Street…

Damnation penetrates acuity
like an arrow
Straight aim snarled lips,
bitter drunk on the after taste
of a culpable lie
The sky darkens seeping painful
ugly veins
Blotched poppies – strike the eye
blood red, the chalice of life
Time slender, curves a knowing smile
you, me – one of the many damaged
people leaving through doors – marked exit
Run don’t walk – for no one wants to queue
There is nothing unique in
the sound of feet, treading
a busy, one way street.


One thought on “One Way Street…

  1. How can you do it, one perfect little capsule after another? The words seem to stream out of a vibrant mind. Like water does, always in perfect procession. I say this about all the ones I have read since the beginning of this blog. I can’t stop and add comments to each one, otherwise I would have no time to read on.

    You remind me of a beautiful poppy that needs to say it all in this short, short time it has. You have made beauty out of pain. Something only those whose hearts have shifted can comprehend. Before my testosterone levels dropped(the theory behind why I became sensitive enough to like poetry), a woman I loved used to talk about appreciating another woman’s pain. I never understood the concept, until December 23rd, 2011.

    Your poetry, a magical flow of words, is truly inspiring.


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