Cursed Earth…

There is no fire under her roof;
for she stands with feet in ice cold water
lame crippled girl, with
her pride of darkest red
half mast, victory obliterated
I know everyone of the steps
she treads, for her path is mine
saints and sinners pass this gate
white for the lines middle
of the road
at the crossroads decisions
won and lost
Bellies ripped opened
bedpans full of sores
Judge – jury executioner
smocked in black
how many lives are left
to pray for?
Cursed is the earth that brushes
silken hems of skirts
trenches are dug in the garden
paths of blossom fallen dancers
tumble down –
congregated in corners
pardon me – their sound.


Shoot The Line…

Hunker down Neanderthal – rattled
confines marauding tiger
temper flared
Scorched brown, paper bags
filled with rage
chase it all – defeated pain
Arcane providence
Lenin’s on the prowl
Trailing vines – pitchers of wine
ballistic missile
target located – shoot the line
Think you still walk a perpendicular path
self-satisfied lizard – you skulk
organs speeding –
abattoir bound
Shapes of children moving
souvenir bottle of lemonade
death welcomes you – so why be afraid
write it on your skin
bleed it on the ground

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Innocent Child…

God does not exist – you said
for why in my innocence, would he
have left me with this.
You crushed my wings of flight
that night
fed me to myself – lost is
the child who treads in all  innocence.
With pennies from heaven I tried
to buy your words of sin; always
your price,  set far too weighty
mother you owned a heart, of cold regret.
For love was never paler, born of
deepest hate.
Inner calm became my blanket worn to
protect me from the storm.
Tiny person tumbling, turning
like a beating clock, feeble
she – waiting for the hour
for when in silence to my bower
close my eyes and remember
– close them to forget.
I could have loved you with no
questions on my back.
I wanted not my pain
avenged in bloods of rage
a sign I was yours –
you were mine.
Let me now take the bread
and turn it into wine.


Let the evening ~ ride the night express
Shades of tumbled sun, licked strands
of fading corpses mere shadows on the land
Melting pots of insanity, explore silken
Pink spangled boughs of desire
shake you to your core
Luscious plums, burst into flirtatious
ecstasy gathered fragrant ready
for the fall

Roam free, in the valley of the women
know that she ~ naked lips, ice cold voice
will rise you up ~ draped about her
temptations of lust
She your mistress, offers you no choice
In your attic mind picture her beauty
climb ~ that ~ ladder
dripping moisture
thought your mouth ~ be barren dry


One Way Street…

Damnation penetrates acuity
like an arrow
Straight aim snarled lips,
bitter drunk on the after taste
of a culpable lie
The sky darkens seeping painful
ugly veins
Blotched poppies – strike the eye
blood red, the chalice of life
Time slender, curves a knowing smile
you, me – one of the many damaged
people leaving through doors – marked exit
Run don’t walk – for no one wants to queue
There is nothing unique in
the sound of feet, treading
a busy, one way street.


Hands carried in empty packets
like parcels unwrapped
bed and blanket
neatly stacked
‘It’s fallen’ someone shouted
no glittering fragments – a moving
panorama – all exactly as it ever was,
but different.
Did my eyes avoid yours
brother dear?
Family – like the branches
of a river – blackened
coloured candles, extinguished
White faces of the daughters
whispering silences for the sons
Naked bulbs show light
shall we share one last supper
before our – last goodbye
I knew from the cautious intake
of your breath – that soon
it would start, all over again.


A certain impression caught
my attention – a reflection
in the window
I wave – she waves
are we saying hello – or goodbye
Mirror image, silent in their knowing
if I ache, she bares witness
sitting here inside my skin, with her
looking in –
Trespassing into private viewing
I close my eyes shuttering her away
inner tranquillity reinstated
Now she cannot look me in the face
force her self exiled destruction
down my throat
I have her measured singularly,
in denial of her maybe – though
I shall always be here
No uninvited guests, the invitation
said so…

Ornate Frames

Ornate frames
picture perfect moments
captured for all time.
The walls of my mind
a paradise of you and I
Overcast reflections, wild flowers,
beauty and the beast,
leafless trees, petticoats of confetti
August moons – everything has
meaning – even without sound
In billows I lay lifeless,
of living – of breathing
Images drowning on a crowded bus
The dust of sunshine disperses
bare what once, was mine
Hot coffee rude stares strike
me from all sides
Bent the weeping willow – me,
falling downwards, swirls.
Piece me back together china doll
loneliness innate faithful, sits
at my back gate
Do you hurt inside if some
memory takes hold or when the wind
blows ashes grey and cold that
settle on your soul

Sepulchral Bodies…

Forget I once recited your name
frayed blossom spent
seven thorns from seven wounds
loving you
Ships that birth
supply the bodies hunger
Flat heads pose afternoon consolation
sepulchral bodies
rhythmic dancing
rupturing vessels
pungent flesh of servitude
The garden – my garden
barren, a desert cactus prickly
gouge the flesh –
bare rock faced
Migratory birds
soar their temperate destinations
residence – they decline
to trapped by hallucinations
of liberty…


I mixed sand with rain
my tears with spit and pain
look – I made an effigy of myself
Clutching sawdust cracks in floors
escape I try – my body broken
one became two – disjointed torn apart
a worm cut in half – separate people
I am me – name tags tell me so
appointments cards arrive of where
I need to go
‘hello is that you’ – caller asks.
Well I guess so!
I see things – we see things
words collide they spill like oranges
in the setting of the sun
Earth’s docking station
my birth –take back your life – see it’s only
just begun
A portrait painted shades of bridesmaid’s
Cradle and crib God speed safe
she amongst – the rushes.

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